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Wednesday, February 27 2008

FiNK 2.1.1 is released

I'm happy to announce the release of FiNK 2.1.1. This is a bugfix/documentation only release.

FiNK is a LaTeX2e package that keeps track of the files included (\input or \include) in your documents.

What's new in this version:
** Fix trailing whitespace in \fink@restore
** Added some hints about filenames with special characters

Monday, February 25 2008

CurVe 1.15 is out

I'm happy to announce the next edition of CurVe, a LaTeX2e class for writing curricula vitae.

What's new in this version:
** Support for itemize environments, suggested by Mirko Hessel-von Molo.
** Added some documentation about vertical spacing problems in |bbl| files, suggested by Seweryn Habdank-Wojewódzki.

Wednesday, November 28 2007

FiXme version 3.3 is out

I'm happy to announce the next edition of FiXme: version 3.3

New in this release:
* Document incompatibility between marginal layout and the ACM SIG classes
* Honor twoside option in marginal layout
* Support KOMA-Script classes version 2006/07/30 v2.95b
* Documentation improvements
* Fix incompatibility with AMS-Art
* Fix bug in \fixme@footnotetrue

FiXme provides you with a way of inserting fixme notes in documents. Such notes can appear in the margin of the document, as index entries, in the log file and as warnings on stdout. It is also possible to summarize them in a list, and in the index. When you switch from draft to final mode, any remaining fixme note will be logged, but removed from the document's body. Additionally, critical notes will abort compilation with an informative message. FiXme also comes with support for AUC-TeX.

Tuesday, November 27 2007

CurVe 1.14 is released

I'm happy to announce the next edition of CurVe: version 1.14.

CurVe is a Curriculum Vitae class for LaTeX2e. This version adds support for Polish, and an option to reverse-count bibliographic entries.

Enjoy !

Wednesday, November 14 2007

FiNK 2.1 is released

I'm happy to announce the next edition of FiNK, the LaTeX2e File Name Keeper, version 2.1.

This package looks over your shoulder and keeps track of files \input'ed
(the LaTeX way) or \include'ed in your document. You then have a
permanent access to the directory, name and extension of the file
currently being processed through several macros. FiNK also comes with
support for AUC-TeX.

This version fixes a bug preventing proper expansion in math mode.

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